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Emergency Management Training
Find out what courses are available to you throughout the year and enrol now!<br /><br /><a href="">More on the training calendar</a> The Local Recovery Toolkit will assist those involved in the management of recovery services following an emergency, perhaps for the first time and under the pressure of time constraints. <br><br><a href="/lrt">Local Recovery Toolkit</a> Find out about our winners:
<a href="/emsector/awards/resilient-australia-awards/2017-nsw-winners.html">
Resilience Australia Awards</a><p></p>
<a href="/emsector/awards/get-ready-community/2017-nsw-winner.html">
NSW Get Ready Community Award</a>
Find out what courses are available to you throughout the year and enrol now!

More on the training calendar

Emergency Services Funding

We collect statutory contributions to fund the State's fire and emergency services. Local Councils and Industry contribute to the Fire and Emergency Services levies in quarterly installments.

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Disaster Recovery

We have information on Disaster Recovery including Recovery guidelines and supporting documents, resources to assist councils and agencies in recovery, and information on Disaster Recovery.

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Local Government

We provide support to Local Government and Local Emergency Management Committees with information on Emergency Risk Management, Planning, the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, and more.

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