Bega Valley Fires Independent Review

Bega Valley Fires Independent Report (pdf)

Government Response to Bega Valley Fires Independent Report (pdf)

Reports​​ and Corporate Publications

Including Annual reports from The State Emergency Management Committee and The NSW State Rescue Board, Ministerial Reports and Recovery Reports.

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Agreements and arrangements between the different agencies involved in Emergency Management are documented in plans, including the NSW State Emergency Management Plan, Sub Plans, Supporting Plans and Regional Plans.

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Guidelin​​es, Legislation and Policies

A list of NSW State Rescue Board legislation and policies.

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Communiques from the State Emergency Management Committee, the State Rescue Board, and the State Disaster Recovery Advisory Group.

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Guides, Factsheets and Brochures

Guides, factsheets and brochures produced by the Ministry for Police & Emergency Services and the State Emergency Management Committee.

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Natural Disa​ster Declarations

Current and past Natural Disaster Declarations.

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Media Releases

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