Welfare Services Functional Area Supporting Plan

The aim of this Plan is to describe and detail preparedness measures and arrangements for the provision of welfare services during response to and recovery from emergencies in New South Wales.

This Plan provides for the mobilisation of agencies and resources within the Welfare Services Functional Area for the conduct of emergency preparedness, response and recovery operations to assist people affected by emergencies, no matter what the cause of the emergency. Types of emergencies include natural disasters and human made disasters that require a significant and coordinated response.

This Plan may be implemented during response and recovery emergency operations and details the management arrangements adopted by the Office of Emergency Management Disaster Welfare Services Branch and the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to coordinate community welfare services in accordance with the Community Welfare Act 1987, the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989, and the welfare services function under EMPLAN.

Sponsored by the Department of Justice, Office of Emergency Management.

Endorsed June 2018.

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Welfare Services Functional Area Supporting Plan (pdf)

NSW SES resupply of flood isolated properties - Personal Hardship and Distress

The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) coordinates resupply to communities and properties that have been isolated due to flooding. Where isolated households are suffering financial hardship and are unable to meet the cost or unable to access finances to pay for resupply of essential grocery items, SES may refer these households to the Welfare Services Functional Area. If financial hardship circumstances are verified, the WSFA will organise supply of essential grocery items to be purchased and packaged for delivery by NSW SES.

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NSW SES resupply of flood isolated properties - Personal Hardship and Distress (pdf)

Salvation Army Emergency Services Catering for Combat Agencies Protocol

Salvation Army Emergency Services has agreed to provide catering services to disaster affected people and Welfare Services Functional Area agency members at evacuation. If sufficient resources are available and after consultation with the relevant Welfare Services Functional Area Coordinator (WelFAC), the Salvation Army may also provide catering services to Combat Agencies at a cost to the requesting agency.

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Salvation Army Emergency Services Catering for Combat Agencies Protocol (pdf)