Supporting P​lans

Agri​​​culture and Animal Services 

Details the control and coordination arrangements for agricultural resources available within the State in response to, and recovery from, the impact and effects of an emergency.

Energy and Utility Services 

Outlines the co-ordination arrangements for managing severe and sudden disruptions to the supply of energy and utility services due to severe, widespread or unexpected disruptions. 

Engineering Serv​ices

Identifies the necessary arrangements at State level to effectively and efficiently co-ordinate the mobilisation of all engineering resources available for emergency response and initial recovery operations. 

Environmental Services (​ENVIROPLAN)

Focuses on protection of the environment during emergencies. It applies throughout New South Wales, including its inland and State waters. 

Health Services​​ (HEALTHPLAN)

HEALTHPLAN is the NSW Health Services Functional Area Supporting Plan.

Public Information S​ervices

Details the arrangements for co-ordinating the collection, collation and dissemination of public information in a multi-agency emergency which is under the control of an emergency operations controller.

Recov​​ery Plan

Outlines the strategic intent, responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms for disaster recovery.

Telecommunications Ser​​vices (TELCOPLAN)

Sets out arrangements to coordinate emergency telecommunications services support and resources required by the community, combat agencies and other essential services in an emergency.

Transport Services​

Identifies the arrangements needed at State level to effectively and efficiently coordinate the mobilisation and deployment of all transport resources available for emergency response and initial recovery operations.

Welfare Services ​Functional Area

Describes and details preparedness measures and arrangements for the provision of welfare services during response to and recovery from emergencies.