Environmental Services Supporting Plan 


The aim of the ENVIROPLAN is to identify the NSW Environmental Services Functional Area (EnvSFA) emergency management arrangements for the protection of the environment during an emergency in NSW.

EnvSFA is identified under EMPLAN as having a primary role in responding to emergencies where the environment is at risk. The NSW Environment Protection Authority is the EnvSFA coordinating agency and therefore is responsible for mobilisation of the response outlined in this supporting plan.

Enviroplan applies to all NSW land, inland waters and State waters. It details the coordinating agency control and coordination of the clean-up of land and inland waters affected by emergencies impacting or potentially impacting upon the environment. Although the role commences prior to the site being rendered safe with respect to public health and property (including the environment), the on-ground phase of the clean-up normally occurs once the site is rendered safe.

This Plan also applies to marine oil and chemical spills in State waters. Coordination of response and clean-up operations for marine pollution in State waters and adjacent foreshores, is the responsibility of Transport for NSW (Freight & Regional Development), Roads and Maritime Services and the Ports Corporations as the Combat Agencies for those spills from ships and ship to/from shore transfer operations of oil and noxious substances identified in the Marine Pollution Act, 1987. For emergencies crossing State borders affecting land and inland waters, local formalised arrangements are in place for interstate assistance and coordination.


Updated June 2019.