Sydney and North Sydney CBD Evacuation Management Sub Plan

​Sydney CBD Emergency Sub Plan

This document is a sub plan to the New South Wales State Emergency Management Plan (State EMPLAN). It details special control and coordination arrangements for an evacuation management framework for the Sydney and North Sydney Central Business Districts. The short title of the document is Sydney CBD Evacuation Plan. The abbreviation to be used when referring to this document is SCBDEP.

The Sydney Metropolitan Area is a significant metropolis. It has several large central business districts with the two most significant being the Sydney and the North Sydney Central Business Districts (CBD).

For evacuations to be truly effective in any environment, CBD or otherwise, it requires all participants ‐ individuals, property managers and responders alike ‐ to be prepared by:

  • knowing their roles and responsibilities;
  • maintaining situational awareness before, during and after an event;
  • being aware of the messaging distribution mechanisms and their limitations,
  • understanding shelter‐in‐place as being a protective strategy,
  • having an awareness of movement options and restrictions. 

This document serves as but one component of an integrated preparedness and response posture for dealing with emergency events affecting the community.

Last updated March 2015.