​Emergency Waste Sub Plan

The aim of the NSW Emergency Waste Sub Plan (pdf) is to set out the arrangements for managing waste generated from incidents and emergencies in NSW, including Lord Howe Island.

The Sub Plan's scope includes:
  • the potential risks and consequences of the emergency to the social, built, economic, and natural environments
  • the policies and programs in place to mitigate these risks before, during and after an emergency
  • the control and coordination arrangements for managing waste including situations where councils are unable, for a variety of reasons, to manage waste within their LGA or emergency management region
  • an outline of waste management systems and the roles and responsibilities of agencies
  • the multi-agency management arrangements at the state, regional and local levels
  • links to sources of information for additional advice and guidance to ensure safe waste management and disposal.
Endorsed by the NSW State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) on 3 December 2020.