​Regional Plans

Emergency Management Districts were changed to Emergency Management Regions in 2012.

Regional Emergency Management Plans are currently​ being developed according to new guidelines and templates. Until the new plans are passed and available the District Emergency Management Plans remain in place.

District Emergency Management plans describe the arrangements at the District level to effectively and efficiently prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and also provides policy direction for the preparation of Local Displans, Local and District Supporting Plans and Local and District Sub Plans.

More information on Emergency Management Regions

Regional Emergency Management Plans

Far West

Far West District Disaster Plan [PDF 432KB]
Last updated June 2006

Hunter Central Coast

Hunter Central Coast District Disaster Plan [PDF 572KB]
Last updated September 2007


Illawarra South Coast Regional Emergency Management Plan (Interim Plan) [PDF 580KB] 
Last udpated November 2012

New Engla​nd

Peel District Disaster Plan [PDF 775KB] 
Last updated September 2009

North C​​​oast

North Coast Regional Emergency Management Plan (Interim Plan) [PDF 1.4MB]
Last updated December 2013

North Wes​​t Metropolitan

North West Metropolitan District Disaster Plan [PDF 1.4MB]
Last updated November 2011

Hawkesbury-Nepean Flood Emergency Sub Plan [PDF 13.6MB] 
Last updated September 2015

Blue Mountains Snow plan (Local plan) [PDF 365KB]
Last updated 2015

South Eas​​tern

Monaro District Disaster Plan [PDF 339KB]
Last updated November 2006

Riverina M​​urray

Riverina District Disaster Plan [PDF 316KB]
Last updated November 2006

Murray District Disaster Plan [PDF 343KB]
Last updated March 2008

Sou​th West Metropolitan

South West Metropolitan Regional Emergency Management Plan [PDF, 11MB] 
Last updated July 2017

Sydney Metropolitan

Sydney Metropolitan Emergency Management Plan [PDF 4MB]​ 
Last updated November 2017

Sydney Harbour Marine Emergency Sub Plan [PDF 1.1MB]​
Last updated April 2014

Lucas Heights - Emergency Evacuation Sub Plan [PDF 1.8MB]
Last updated October 2003

Lucas Heights - Strategy for off-site iodine distribution [PDF 1.8MB] 
Last updated January 2005