NS​​W Recovery Plan

The New South Wales Recovery Plan outlines the strategic intent, responsibilities, authorities and the mechanisms for disaster recovery in New South Wales. The Recovery Plan, which will be supported by guidelines, allows for the development and implementation of a planned recovery following a natural disaster or other emergency. The plan is a NSW Government plan which informs the general community, business, government, emergency services, functional areas and those working in disaster recovery.

NSW Disaster As​​sistance Guidelines

The NSW Disaster Assistance Guidelines outline what assistance is available to individuals, businesses, community groups and others affected by disasters.

The NSW Disaster Assistance Guidelines are authorised by the State Emergency Recovery Controller who has responsibilities for overseeing the preparation and maintenance of NSW recovery policies, arrangements and plans.

Current as at February 2015.

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Community Recovery Toolkit

The Community Recovery Toolkit has been developed to assist local councils and agencies involved in the provision of recovery services following a disaster.

The Toolkit is made up of a series of guidelines that provide information and templates that can be tailored to a recovery operation. The information aims to establish guidelines for recovery management and raise awareness of the likely issues that will arise. Each guideline is designed to be read independently.