Community Recovery Toolkit

The Community Recovery Toolkit has been developed to assist local councils and agencies involved in the provision of recovery services following a disaster.

The Toolkit is made up of a series of guidelines that provide information and templates that can be tailored to a recovery operation. The information aims to establish guidelines for recovery management and raise awareness of the likely issues that will arise. Each guideline is designed to be read independently.

The material draws upon content from the Australian Disaster Resilience Community Recovery Handbook (AIDR 2018), Inter-State Government policies and plans, NSW Government policies and plans and relevant legislation. Where applicable, each guideline contains a "Further Information Section" which provides links to these resources.

Last updated June 2019


Guideline: Recovery Committees

Guideline: Managing Recovery Centres

Guideline: Communicating in Recovery

Guideline: Donated Goods

Guideline: Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers