​Continued assistance for farmers affected by the Sir Ivan bushfire

Issued: 16 May 2017

Media release - Minister for Emergency Services

Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant today announced two mobile Recovery Support Workers will help those affected by the Sir Ivan Bushfire for a further 12 months.

Mr Grant visited farmers and volunteers in the Dunedoo area reiterating the NSW Government's commitment to support recovery efforts.

"We acknowledge that there is still much to do in the months ahead to get these communities back on their feet," Mr Grant said.

"Many farmers and their families have enormous clean up and restoration bills to pay, and have lost generations of stock as a result of the fires, but the emotional toll of an event like Sir Ivan can be even more significant.

"I encourage everyone who needs it to seek help. You're not being brave by doing it tough. There are people available to offer assistance. Reach out and use them."

"The Recovery Support Workers will travel out to farms or meet with farmers and their families in town. They will provide a single point of contact to help connect those affected with the assistance they require, whether it is personal, agricultural or financial."

The NSW Government Department of Justice is funding the positions, which will be hosted by the Primary Industries Rural Resilience Program.

Additional support is available in the form of Primary Industries and social welfare staff, both in government agencies and within the community.

Mr Grant said the NSW Government is helping the longer term recovery by underwriting the costs of two basecamps being used by BlazeAid re-fencing volunteers at Dunedoo and Cassilis.

"We owe our volunteers an enormous debt of gratitude for helping so many others in their time of need. They are shining examples of the country spirit and their work during this very difficult time will not be forgotten," Mr Grant said.

"Since Sir Ivan, BlazeAid have deployed some 100 volunteers, with 60 operating now, and they have cleared some 250km of fencing and replaced approximately 150km of fencing to date.

"The efforts of our BlazeAid volunteers have been outstanding. The work they have undertaken in getting farmers back on their feet has made an enormous difference to the overall recovery process," Mr Grant said.