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Councils play a vital role in managing emergencies and are a trusted and important source of information for local communities. How prepared are your residents?
You can help your local businesses, community groups and residents take simple steps to prepare for disasters.

Become a Get Ready Council and build resilience in your community.


The Get Ready Local Councils communications package has been developed to be tailored to individual communities. It is a starter pack for Councils to raise disaster awareness in your communities and to build your own local preparedness initiatives. 

It includes the Get Ready logo, which can be localised to your area, a call-to-action, the Get Ready messages that apply to all emergencies and collateral such as web copy, posters and social media assets. 

Leverage an established concept and tailor these resources to your local area to help prepare your community for disasters.

Business Development Officers can use the Get Ready Business toolkit to help local businesses plan for disasters in five simple steps. 

This free toolkit includes:

  • An easy-to-use booklet to guide businesses through the five steps;
  • Posters;
  • Flyers and social media collateral to promote readiness in your area as well as a presentation to use in workshops and seminars to help businesses Get Ready are available by contacting the Get Ready Coordinator below.

Community Development Officers can use the Community Service Organisations resources to help their clients get ready for emergencies. 

Start now! This poster (pdf) can help you build preparedness in your community by placing it in customer service centres and handing it out at community events.

Local Disaster Communication Planning Framework 2020

Hunter Joint Organisation in collaboration with partner councils, combat agencies and communications experts have developed a Disaster Communications Planning Framework to guide councils through key communication resources and structures to assist with preparing to communicate in disaster situations. An additional toolkit has also been developed to help Council Communications teams get started in their communication response. This work has been funded under the joint State and Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

Become a Get Ready Council

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