This is a photo of a CBD sign almost completely submerged in a flood.
You think it will never happen to your business, until it does. How are you protecting everything you’ve built? 

The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing in Australia, meaning that there will be more floods, storms, bush fires and heat waves. They can have expensive consequences, and they could devastate your business within minutes. Following a disaster, it can take months to get back up and running. 

It’s not only the immediate damage from a fire or storm, but also the flow-on impacts, such as power outages and transport and communication interruptions that can affect your business. If your business was shut for a month or more, how would that impact you, your staff and their livelihoods?

Preparing for disasters is as important to successful business outcomes as making an annual business plan. Taking steps now to prepare against disaster is smart business. It can mean the difference between re-opening two days or two months after an event, or not at all. 


Get Ready Business has been specially designed to help NSW business owners prepare for disasters in five simple steps. This free toolkit includes:

  • An easy-to-use booklet to guide you through the five steps; and
  • Posters to promote readiness in your workplace.
The NSW State Emergency Service has an Emergency Business Continuity Plan to help you create your plans.

Sit down with your colleagues, staff and suppliers today and Get Ready.