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    Resilience NSW is the agency that coordinates disaster relief and recovery operations in NSW and gives support to councils. 

    Resilience NSW works closely with council, establishes evacuation centres, recovery centres and recovery committees, and coordinates the analysis of impact assessment data.

    Resilience NSW works with the Commonwealth Government to coordinate Commonwealth support and activation of special recovery funds. 

    Councils play a key role in leading communities through disasters and are a trusted and important source of information for locals.

    Early stages of recovery

    In the early stages of recovery Resilience NSW provides advice and capacity building resources including:

    • Recovery newsletters
    • Fact sheets
    • Customer service scripts
    • Website content
    • Social media content
    • Media talking points
    • Media release templates
    • Community Recovery Meeting event planning toolkit
    • Promotion of community recovery meetings

    This support can be provided by phone or email, or can be provided onsite if required.

    Later stages of recovery

    Once the recovery operation progresses, some councils will be able to deliver their recovery communication with minimal support from Resilience NSW.

    Resilience NSW will continue to update local recovery information for their council area through channels (e.g. website, social, other collateral), and remain available to provide support where required.

    Bushfire Community Resilience and Economic Recovery Fund

    Councils will be offered payments of a minimum $100,000 and up to $250,000 for small scale local activities contributing to the social and economic recovery of their communities.

    Available to eligible councils from early February 2020.

    Call the Bushfire Customer Care Service on 13 77 88

    Accessing support

    Council Communications Liaison Officer

    Rebecca Wickham
    Senior Communications Officer, Resilience and Recovery


    Other assistance