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    Making an application for disaster assistance for individuals

    To apply for financial assistance call Disaster Welfare Services on 1800 018 444.

    A Disaster Welfare Officer will assist you and provide you with a disaster relief application form if you appear eligible. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible after the disaster.

    Applications will be accepted up to four months after the date the disaster damaged your home.

    You must complete all sections of the application form and provide all of the documentation requested. This information will help to determine your eligibility for financial assistance.

    Information you provide will be checked and we will contact the agencies that you have nominated, such as Centrelink, financial institutions and insurance companies. When you sign the application form you are giving us permission to check that information.

    Statement of ​income

    If you are a wage earner you should provide evidence of the income you were receiving at the time of the disaster. You should attach the relevant pay slip to your application.

    If you receive Centrelink payments or a superannuation pension you should attach your latest advice letter. If your income included pension payments from another country an advice letter showing details should also be attached.

    If you are self-employed you should provide evidence of your taxable income (such as your tax returns).

    Rent or home loan r​​epayments

    You will need to provide us with information about your rental or mortgage commitments. If you are renting your home please attach your last normal weekly rent receipt. A copy of your lease agreement and the inventory of furniture and other contents included in the lease should also be provided.

    If you are paying off your home you should provide a statement from your lending authority which sets out the minimum rate of repayment and the balance owing on your mortgage.


    We also consider other financial resources you may have, assets such as savings in the bank, shares, or a second property. If you meet the income criteria but have assets above $10,000 (single person) or $20,000 (couple), these will be included in the assessment of your eligibility for assistance under this scheme.

    You will need to disclose all assets owned by you and your spouse or partner. You will be required to supply documentary evidence such as current bank statements, or council rate notices for verification of property ownership.

    Home v​​isits

    If you apply for a disaster relief grant, a Disaster Welfare Officer will need to visit your home to inspect the damage. All visits and contacts with you will be recorded by the Disaster Welfare Officer.

    If you have had to leave your home because of the disaster, you need to provide your temporary address and contact number so we can follow up with you. We will still need to visit the home affected by the disaster.

    The appeal pr​ocess​

    You will be advised in writing of the outcome of your application for financial assistance. An appeal can be lodged if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your application and/or there is additional information which supports your application.

    You must lodge your appeal within one month of the date on the letter that advised you of the outcome of your application.

    Appeals can be sent to:

    Attention: Director, Disaster Welfare Services,
    NSW Department of Justice
    GPO Box 5434 Sydney NSW 2001

    Disaster Relief G​rant Checklist

    We have created a quick checklist that you can use to ensure that you have all of the information and evidence that are required for your application.

    More information on the Checklist for Disaster Assistance for Individuals

    More information on Disaster Assistance for Individuals​