​Emergency Services Workers

If police and emergency services workers are in the area they may give advice and directions, doorknock or leave information and written instructions in mailboxes.

Remember that these workers won't always be available to help.

Building managers and fire wardens can also give advice if evacuation is necessary.

Your clients may be told to shelter in place. If so, they should stay inside, stay away from windows and wait for instructions from the emergency services, police or radio.

Tip: get to know your emergency services workers

A children's services provider in the Hunter noticed that the kids in their care were scared of the emergency services workers in their uniforms.

They invited the local fire services to come and talk to the kids. The fire fighters arrived in normal clothing, and put on their personal protective equipment, like gas masks and goggles, while they were talking. Some children were still a little uncertain by the end, but all were less scared than they were at the start.