• Think about arrangements for pets and service and companion animals. Many people won't leave their home without their animals.
  • Include questions about emergency preparedness in your agency's care plans. In your initial client assessment, identify how an emergency might affect them.
  • List your clients' disability-related supplies and the special equipment they will need in an emergency. Include a physical description of these items and where to find them.
  • Help your clients list their medications in case they can't access them in an emergency. Include illnesses and conditions, doctors and dosage.
  • If a client relies on electrical equipment, source backup power like batteries for an emergency. Arrange with them to test these regularly.

Tip: personal plans

A home care service started developing and reviewing personal emergency management plans as part of their initial client assessment and annual review. They focused on trip hazards at home, ease of escape, medication lists and finding out what emotionally significant items clients would want to save.​