​Before an E​​mergency

Your clients will be less stressed, better able to make decisions and more able to cope with the effects if they are prepared when something happens.

Ask what your clients will be able to do for themselves in an emergency, and what extra help they may need.

Help your clients to make copies of important documents and put together a medication list and overnight bag.

Find out how else you can help your clients to be prepared before an emergency by thinking about their connectedness, knowledge, security and wellbeing.

​F​​​act: losing pets

Losing a pet can be very upsetting. People with pets or service animals may refuse to leave without them in an emergency. Include your clients' animals in any plans you develop​.

Tip: drop-in service

A drop-in service for people with mental health concerns ran a session about how clients might feel if an emergency happened. They discussed what coping mechanisms they could use during an emergency and what they could do now to be prepared.​