Personal Emergency Pl​ans

Plan for what you w​​ill do

Sit down and talk with your family and plan for what you will do if a disaster affects your area

Make important decisions like when to leave, what to take, and what to do with pets and animals. Don't leave it until the last minute.

Disasters can happen with little or no warning. How will you and your family get to a safe place? You could be separated from each other. How will you contact each other? Think about how you will protect your pets, important documents and personal mementos.

Plan how you will escape a fire in your home and practise it with your family.


Planning poster - Couple standing inside the burnt out remains of a houseDownload your bushfire survival plan now.
It could save your life. 

Parents and childPlan for flood, storm or tsunami. Prepare your home emergency plan now. 
It will only take 5 minutes. 

A home fire escape planEvery home should have a home fire escape plan.
Make your plan now.