​​Emergency Kit

A small emergency kit put in an easy to reach place known to all family members can prove invaluable in a major emergency. There are some basic items you should include but there could be other things your family would need that you could add to your kit.

Basic home e​mergency kit

  • Battery operated radio (with spare batteries).
  • Torch (with spare batteries).
  • First aid kit and manual.
  • Mobile phone, spare batteries and charger.
  • Personal hygiene and toiletry supplies.
  • Copies of home and medical insurance policies.
  • Copies of important family documents (birth certificates, passports and licences).
  • Contact numbers for emergency services, family members and people from your support team.

Evacuation emergency kit

If it seems likely that you may have to evacuate you should add the following to your basic home emergency kit:

  • Bottled water.
  • Supplies of prescribed medications (including prescriptions).
  • Spare clothes and blankets.
  • Spare home and car keys.
  • Cash and credit cards.
  • Food and medications for your pets.