Do you have the correct insurance type

Being prepared also means ensuring that you've got adequate levels of insurance - consider all types including home, contents, motor vehicle, health or ambulance cover, income protection, boat and others.

Filing an insurance claim

  • When you submit a claim to your insurance company be as detailed as possible and take photos that show the state of your property and contents. Take time to prepare a full list of all the items lost or damaged. Make a copy of any claim you submit.

  • You don't have to prove whether the damage was caused by a natural disaster, this is up to your insurer.

  • Make a detailed record of all damage and include photos where possible.

  • Where practical, talk to your insurance company before you start to clean up - they may want to see the damage.

  • If you are concerned about your legal position, seek advice.

Insurance Council of Australia

If you have a query relating to insurance you can call the Insurance Council of Australia on 1300 728 228.

Tip: Emergency Kits​​​​

Make sure you keep a copy of your home and medical insurance policies in waterproof bags or scanned documents on a USB stick in your emergency kit