​After an Emergency

Be prepared to look after yourself if help does not come

  1. Stay up to date - Keep watching and listening and look at what is going on around you. Share this information with those around you.

  2. In a major emergency, this website will provide you with important information on what to do after an emergency. It may advise you when an evacuation order has been lifted and you are allowed to return home, what you should do when you do return home (such as health information), provide details on financial assistance that may be available to you, recovery centres that may be open in your area and more.

  3. Check on your neighbours and any vulnerable people in your community, including older people and those with disabilities or special needs.

  4. Seek medical attention - if you have been hurt contact the emergency services and advise if they are able to get to your house.

  5. Consider your animals - the welfare of your pets and livestock is your responsibility. Assistance may be available for your companion animals, pets and livestock.

  6. Contact your insurance company -

    Contact your insurance company to discuss your policy and file your claim.


Financial assistance

In a major emergency, this website will provide you with information on what financial assistance may be available to you, and details on who you should contact.

Disaster Welfare Assistance Line - 1800 018 444

The Disaster Welfare Assistance Line can provide you with information about disaster relief grants for content and structural repairs, available to low income earners with no insurance. The provision of these grants is not dependent on a natural disaster being declared. More information on Disaster Assistance

Natural Disaster Assistance Schemes

A range of schemes may be available to those in areas declared Natural Disasters, including Personal Hardship and Distress Assistance, Primary Producers, Small Business, Assistance for Council and more. More information on Natural Disaster Assistance Schemes

Psychological assistance

There a number of services available to those who feel they may need some psychological assistance following a disaster. More on Psychological assistance