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Fire and Rescue NSW Solar Photovoltaic Panels Community Advice

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are installed in many different configurations on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The electrical risk to people from solar PV systems can be significant even when the damage or a problem appears to present a low risk.

Fire and Rescue NSW recommends the following course of action for anyone who suspects or has identified damage to an installed solar PV system.

  • Leave the inspection of your solar PV installation to a qualified expert
  • Try to turn off the system if safe to do say as per the installers instructions. Many solar PV systems require a specific shutdown procedure. Do not assume your system is safe if power supplies have been interrupted or switched off. PV systems still produce DC voltage while there is daylight.
  • DO NOT check the solar panels, their wiring or any other part of the system
If people can see smoke, flame or can smell a burning odour, leave the building and call triple zero (000) immediately and inform the emergency call taker of the exact problem.

A list of accredited solar PV installers can be found on the Clean Energy Council website: