​Exercise Doctrine

Exercises are an essential component of preparedness and should be used to enhance capability and contribute to continuous improvement, as well as to the preparation of personnel to carry out their functions during actual events. 

The design, planning, conduct and evaluation of exercises in NSW should be consistent with the guidelines described in the national reference; Managing Exercises - Handbook 3 [PDF 977KB].
The principles and concepts outlined in the handbook have been brought together from agencies in the emergency management and counter terrorism sectors to produce an all-hazards framework for exercises.
Goals within the handbook include:
  • to provide a shared understanding of key concepts, principles and frameworks used in Australia,
  • to provide national consistency in the terminology, management structures and documentation used in exercise management throughout Australia, and
  • to provide resources that improve the quality of exercises.
The concepts and principles in the handbook are also incorporated in exercise management units within the Public Safety Training Package, a competency based qualification. It is recommended that those planning to conduct exercises avail themselves of accredited training in this area to ensure best practice. 

The NSW Office of Emergency Management deliver the Design and Manage Exercises course with the nationally recognised units of competency in Design emergency management exercises and Manage and evaluate emergency management exercises.

For further information on NSW Exercise Policy please request the SEMC Multi Agency Exercise Policy document by emailing us at oemtrainingadmin@justice.nsw.gov.au