​We​lfare Services Functional Area Overview

The Welfare Services Functional Area delivers key welfare services to meet the immediate needs of disaster affected people (children, adults, and/or families) and administers Disaster Relief Grants for eligible applicants. The Key Welfare Services are defined as emergency accommodation, catering, personal support, material aid, immediate financial assistance and disaster relief grants.

Welfare Services Functional Area Overview is a short introductory online course that outlines the roles of the Welfare Services Functional Area and its participating and supporting agencies, the role of an evacuation centre, and the principles of Psychological First Aid.

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The Welfare Services Functional Area is coordinated at the State level by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Coordination and delivery of disaster welfare services at District and Local level is the responsibility of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). They, along with a range of participating organisations (e.g., Anglicare, ADRA, Australian Red Cross, the Salvation Army) and supporting organisations collaborate to deliver welfare services during emergencies and disasters.

The Welfare Services Functional Area Overview course is a self-paced online short course designed for those engaged or likely to be involved in assisting people during emergencies. It is especially beneficial for those who are, or will be, responsible for providing welfare services to people affected by an emergency or disaster. Three main areas are addressed in this course. These are:

  1. the roles of Welfare Services Functional Area agencies
  2. working in an evacuation centre
  3. psychological First Aid

Please note

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Online Short Course


Nil. However it is strongly recommended that you complete the online short course Emergency Management Overview prior to beginning this course.

Targeted audi​ence

  • All people who assist the Welfare Services Functional Area to carry out its role;
  • those who work or volunteer with community services networks and agencies, and;
  • those with an interest in disaster welfare.


There is no formal assessment for this course. However, there is a self-test quiz (10 questions) on completion of the course. Pass mark is 80%. Multiple attempts are acceptable.

Learnin​g outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the Welfare Services Functional Area
  • Understand the role of the agencies that assist in the delivery of Welfare Services
  • Outline the functions of the evacuation centre
  • Understand the agencies involved in the evacuation centre
  • Understand the model and principles operating in the evacuation centre
  • Appreciate the impacts of a disaster on people and how it affects them
  • Explain the principles of Psychological First Aid

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