​​​Evacuation Management


The course will enable participants to contribute to the selection, planning, implementation and management of evacuation as a risk treatment strategy within an affected community. The course content deals with managing community evacuation in an emergency management context and supports participants to apply the NSW Evacuation Management Guidelines.

Evacuation is a risk management strategy that may be used to mitigate the effects of an emergency on a community. It involves the movement of people to a safer location and their return.

"For an evacuation to be effective, it must be appropriately planned and implemented." (AGD EMA Evacuation Planning Handbook 4).

This should not be confused with rescue which is defined as 'the safe removal of persons or domestic animals from actual or threatened danger of physical harm'(State Rescue Policy).

Evacuation is a scalable activity in that it may be applied to individuals, a household, a street, a large facility (e.g. school or hospital), a suburb, a town or a larger geographic area.

An effective evacuation requires appropriate consideration of the processes involved in correctly managing such an event in terms of both pre-event and operational planning.


2 Days, class based


  • Emergency Management Overview
  • Introduction to Emergency Management

Targeted aud​​ience

This course is applicable to employee and volunteer personnel working at a local, district or state level. Participants should have a management role in planning for evacuation; or conducting evacuation; or providing resource / functional area support to evacuation.


Participants are not formally assessed at the completion of this course. Consolidation of learning will be achieved through the use of case studies.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Outline the principles of evacuation management and have a practical appreciation of their application
  • Apply the legislative, policy and accountability framework underpinning evacuation in an EM context
  • Apply the NSW State Emergency Management Plan, Evacuation Management Guidelines March 2014
  • Contribute to the management of an evacuation and develop an evacuation action plan
  • Identify key issues and considerations in decision making at all stages of managing an evacuation
  • Identify the key issues in each stage of the evacuation process - Decision, Warning, Withdrawal, Shelter and Return

Course dates

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