​​Emergency Operations Centre Concepts


The course covers the activities to support an emergency operation, including:

  • the function of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC); role of staff in an EOC;
  • the EOC Standard Operation Procedures;
  • applying procedures to collecting, collating, displaying and disseminating information, and;
  • closing an EOC.

The scope of the course is confined to addressing the functions performed by EOC staff. It does not address issues of emergency response/recovery management.

Please Note

Emergency Operations Centre Concepts (EOCC) replaced Work as a team member in an Emergency Operations Centre (WEOC).

An 'Emergency operations centre is a centre established at State, District and Local level as a centre of communication, and as a centre for the co-ordination of operations and support, during an emergency' (Source: SERM Act). An EOC is established and operated by an Emergency Operations Controller (EOCON) to ensure that response and initial recovery processes are managed in the most appropriate ways during an emergency. An EOC is operated as a multi-agency facility.


1 Day - class based


  • Emergency Management Overview (online self-paced)
  • Introduction to Emergency Management (class based)

Target audien​ce

This course is applicable to employee and volunteer personnel working, or likely to work, in a local, regional or state level emergency operations centre (EOC). Course content reflects the role of staff in an EOC who would implement information management procedures. These staff roles include Liaison Officers as well as those performing support roles such as clerks.


Participants are not formally assessed during the course.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and function of an EOC
  • Establish and administer an EOC
  • Deal with extended operations
  • Understand the information flows in an EOC
  • Know how and why information is collected
  • Record information collected in the EOC using the correct format
  • Disseminate this information
  • Display the information in the EOC

Course dates and reg​​istration

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