Chec​​klist for Local Government

Emergency Risk Management (ERM) quick checklist for local government

Questions that will be relevant for council to consider when developing documents required by the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) legislation are:

Commun​ity Strategic Plan

  • Which of the identified community outcomes might be better achieved by integrating ERM?
  • What key partners (including emergency services) play a role in helping to deliver on those outcomes?
  • What are the risks that the local government area and its community may be exposed to?

Delivery Program

  • What particular risk management activities are councils likely to undertake during a typical year and how do these align with the outcomes of emergency risk studies and the emergency services?
  • Are there any specific projects or activities that council will undertake during the Delivery Program timeframe that are relevant to ERM?

Community Engagement Stra​​tegy

  • How does the community find out about the ERM objectives and outcomes for its local area?

Resource Str​​ategy

  • How are the financial implications of ERM strategies reflected in the Long-Term Financial Plan?
  • What assets may require enhancement or renewal to undertake the ERM activities identified in the Delivery Program?
  • What risks are there to individual assets and have these been considered
  • Does council have the right staff with the right skills, or the capacity to source these skills elsewhere, to undertake the required ERM activities?

Steps to address the outcomes of the checklist

The first steps to address the questions from the ERM Quick Checklist for Local Government include:

  1. Consult your Local Emergency Risk Management Study and Local Emergency Management Plan (Local EMPlan)
  2. Consult with your Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)
  3. Consult Local Emergency Plans and other registers of risk prepared by Emergency Services
  4. Consult risk management studies and plans e.g. bush fire, coastal and floodplain risk management plans