Lessons Management Framework (LMF) provides five essential elements to support a standard approach for (LM) lifecycle in NSW.
Direction, oversight and monitoring requirements for LM.
and culture

Leadership requirements to support a learning culture.
Roles and 

LM roles and responsibilities exist at the individual, team, organisational and strategic level.
Standard Definitions
Standard terms and definitions to enable common understanding of LM concepts and terms
Lessons Management Process
Documented process for operating the LM lifecycle and achieving lessons learned. It includes requirements for: data collection, data analysis, lesson implementation, monitoring and review of implementation.

The target audience for the LMF includes LM practitioners, management and personnel with a responsibility for implementing and maintaining LM within their organisations.

The LMF is scalable and generic, aligned to the national best practice approach and applicable at both agency and strategic levels. Supporting materials that follow are available to aid implementation.

LMF fact sheet provides a useful summaryWriting good observations brochure outlines the importance of observations as the basic building blocks for lessons management and gives guidance on how to write them. 

NSW State Lessons Management Data Analysis Workshop July 2019

Key Outputs

Leadership and cultural requirements to support learning.
Processes for moving towards lessons learned.
Guidelines, tools and resources for LM.
Guidance on organisational support for LM sponsorship, expertise and champions.
Guidance on sharing of data, information and lessons.
Governance, monitoring and reporting practices for LM.
A shared repository of lessons for the EM sector.