Lessons Management Framework 

Following any exercise or incident, there is always an opportunity to learn and improve. A Lessons Management Framework (LMF) for the NSW Emergency Management Sector was developed to support implementation of the lessons management (LM) lifecycle that enables identification, sharing and learning of lessons and can be downloaded here.
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Building a safer, stronger, more resilient NSW by learning from experience and sharing lessons and knowledge.


To provide a framework for the NSW Emergency Management Sector that captures and analyses information to develop lessons which can be applied to strengthen emergency management capability across the sector.


Supports the capture and analysis of information and identification and learning of lessons from incidents, exercises and other reviews. It provides the elements for a standard approach to Lessons Management (LM) which can be applied at the organisational, local, regional and state level.

Supporting Materials

The framework is complemented by supporting materials, including a factsheet and a brochure on writing good observations. 


Foundations in Lessons Management Training online course is aimed at people at all levels who are participating in, or will be required to participate in Lessons Management.  

The course can be accessed via the emergency.nsw.gov.au website.

We encourage everyone involved in emergency management to complete the course.


Email OEMLessonsManagement@justice.nsw.gov.au if you have questions about LMF.

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