State Emergency Management Projects - Approved projects 2015-17

Total funding: $2,306,103

Volunteer Marine Rescue NSW

Risk Management App

Develop a tool to educate volunteers about risk management requirements and best practise.

  • Statewide: $29,880

Public Works Advisory

Floods Near Me NSW Review

Review of the Floods Near Me NSW (Version 1) app.

  • Statewide: $50,000

NSW Police Force

Regional Emergency Management Officer review

A review of the Regional Emergency Management Officer position.

  • Statewide: $70,000

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Surge Program

Development of governance arrangements for management of the Emergency Management Surge Program which draws officers from multiple government agencies. This includes recruitment and training.

  • Statewide: $130,000

NSW Ambulance

Emergency evacuation exercises for health and aged care facilities

Develop a framework for health and aged care facilities to undertake emergency evacuation exercises which can be used by a single stand-alone facility up to the multi-facility level using the EmergoTrain System.

  • Statewide: $150,000

Office of Emergency Management

Welfare Services - strengthening capability to support metropolitan communities

Enhance the capability of the Welfare Services Functional Area to support disaster affected communities living in metropolitan areas and or high density communities.

  • Statewide: $150,000

University of NSW

Community Understanding of Coastal Erosion: improving resiliency and preparedness to coastal storms and sea level rise

Create educational material to assist coastal communities in NSW to understand, prepare for, and adapt to ongoing and future coastal erosion due to storms and sea level rise.

  • Statewide: $154,448

University of Newcastle

Understanding the submarine landslide hazard to NSW

Detailed inundation modelling of submarine landslide gemerated tsunami at several NSW sites to ascertain how often they are likely to occur.

  • Statewide: $177,427

NSW State Emergency Service

A total flood storm and tsunami warnings system for NSW

Develop an overarching framework and principles for flood, storm and tsunami warnings, and a training package for emergency service organisation members.

  • Statewide: $190,000

NSW State Emergency Service

Project U-turn: reversing the trend of drivers entering floodwater

A state-wide risk analysis, to test actions that will develop a State Action Plan.

  • Statewide: $214,800

Hunter Councils Inc.

Integrating disaster preparedness into local government operations

Raise awareness and build disaster preparedness capactiy and resources in Councils across NSW through the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

  • Statewide: $229,548

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Operations System (EMOS) Coordination and Evaluation

The Emergency Management Operations System will support local emergency operations centres by providing a common interoperable IT platform. A training package will be delivered to local and regional emergency management committees.

  • Statewide: $380,000

Office of Emergency Management (on behalf of the State Emergency Management Committee)

Natural Disaster Expenditure Arrangements

Facilitate the introduction of the Commonwealth's up-front block-grant funding model. Develop training information and tools for stakeholders.

  • Statewide: $380,000