State Emergency Management Projects - Approved Projects 2013-14

Total funding: ​$1,641,700

Envi​​​ronment Protection Authority

Multi Agency Ed​​ucation Program for Emergency Asbestos Management

Develop and distribute training resources to NSW emergency services organisations on new arrangements for the Asbestos Sub-Plan and the Standard Operating Procedures for managing asbestos during and after an emergency. 

  • Approved funding: $95,000

NSW State E​​mergency Service

Optimisation of NSW Emergency Services Community Engagement Activities thr​​ough Evaluation

Develop a common framework for the SES, RFS and FRNSW for the most effective community engagement methods to gain public preparedness for natural disasters.

  • Approved funding: $100,700

NSW State Eme​​rgency Service

NSW Flood Dat​​abase

Develop a state-wide flood database to support local and state governments by bringing essential flood information together to facilitate strategic decisions on risk management. Stage 4 of a 5 stage project. 

  • Approved funding: $300,000

Ambulance Service ​​of NSW

Evacu​​ation Decision Making Guidelines for Health and Aged Care Facilities

Create and distribute guidelines for an organised and systematic framework to determine the need for evacuation of a health care facility in times of impending natural disaster for health facilities and emergency managers.

  • Approved funding: $140,000

NSW State Emergency Se​​rvice

Evacuation Planning Guideline and​ Training Resource Kit

Develop a training kit and practical guide to evacuation planning for use by SES staff and volunteers, with the potential to be used by other agencies. 

  • Approved funding: $35,000

NSW Rural Fire S​​ervice

NSW Rural Fire Service ​Bush Fire Risk Interface Modelling and Mapping Tools

Develop a state-wide model for fire thresholds, bush fire threat, communities at risk, and fire management planning at a property level.

  • Approved funding: $250,000

NSW Rural Fire ​Service

Bush Fire Planning for Women wi​​th Young Children

To conduct workshops at child care facilities and with home based women with pre-school aged children on what to do on the day of a bush fire event and how to prepare your property.

  • Approved funding: $131,000

NSW Rural Fire S​​ervice

Common Operating Picture - In​cident Display & Situational Awareness Capability

To establish a Common Operating Picture of incidents and events through the use of spatial display information for RFS, SES and FRNSW. Hosted by the RFS, the project will enable events to be displayed at a multi-agency and state level.

  • Approved funding: $390,000

NSW Rural Fire Ser​vice

3D Smoke Plume Model Develo​pment

Research the next generation technology in smoke modelling to improve understanding of smoke plume dynamics. A model for smoke dispersion including a 3D visualisation tool will be developed for operational evaluation.

Approved funding: $200,000