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​​​2017 NSW Get Ready Community Award winners

Dungog: Reflections of Resilience

winners of the awardDungog Shire Community Centre

While Dungog was still recovering from the devastating flood of 2015, the Dungog Shire Community Centre conceived a project to help the town commemorate the potentially traumatic first anniversary of the event that would help people reflect on it and also recognise the community's strength during the recovery. Residents were photographed with giant words that reflected their idea of the Dungog community - its strength and values. An exhibition of the photos provided opportunities for residents to heal, to thank emergency service workers and further strengthen community bonds. The photos are displayed around the town and have become a symbol of Dungog's resilience. This project was a culmination of a range of ongoing resilience building initiatives.

Lismore: Flood Recovery, Resilience and Readiness

winners of the awardLismore Helping Hands

In partnership with Lismore City Council

In the immediate aftermath of the cyclone Debbie, the Lismore Helping Hands (LHH) Facebook group provided a platform for the community to work together to clean up - at its peak there were more than 8000 members. Organisers worked with Lismore City Council (LCC) to set up a community "Hub" which became a central point for linking residents and businesses with volunteers and services. LHH coordinated 1450 volunteers and managed a systematic outreach program to connect with people in the most affected areas. The group fostered connections in the community by forming partnerships with Lismore Local Council, as well as informal partnerships with businesses, churches, non-profit organisations, government agencies and health providers. LHH will continue as a key partner in the LCC "Lismore Flood Ready" project to build Lismore's disaster resilience into the future.

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