​​​Resources and Tools


National Strategy for Disaster Resilience Community Engagement Framework (pdf)

Communicating with People with Disability: National Guidelines for Emergency Managers 

Implementing Emergency Risk Management through the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (pdf)

For local govern​​​​​ment

A range of publications and resources to assist Local Governments in their planning for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies.

More information on Publications and Resources for Local Government


Agreements and arrangements between the different agencies involved in Emergency Management are documented in plans, including the NSW State Emergency Management Plan, Sub plans, Supporting plans and Regional plans.

More information on Plans

Guidelines, legislati​​​on and policies

Guidelines such as Evacuation guidelines, Disaster assistance guidelines and Recovery guidelines, legislation and NSW State Rescue Board policies.

More information on Guidelines, Legislation and Policies

Natural Disaster Dec​​larations

Current and past Natural Disaster Declarations.

More information on Natural Disaster Declarations

Recovery guidelines and s​​upporting documents

Planning for recovery is integral to preparing for emergencies and as such, in support of the NSW Recovery Plan, a number of guidelines and supporting documents have been compiled to assist local councils and agencies in their recovery efforts.

More information on NSW Recovery Guidelines and Supporting Documents

Recovery resources

A range of resources from across NSW and Australia have been compiled to assist local councils and agencies in their recovery efforts.