​​​Local Government

Resilience NSW (formally the NSW Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides support to Local Governments with information on Emergency Risk Management, the Natural Disaster Resilience Pro​​gram, Planning for Recovery and Industry Awards. During or following a natural disaster Resileince NSW may contact affected local councils to assist in the assessment of the impact of the disaster in the area.

Emergency Risk Man​​agement (ERM)

Emergency Risk Management is a systematic process of identifying, analysing, assessing, treating and mitigating risk to people, property and the environment. In NSW, ERM is the process approved by the State Emergency Management Committee for assessing all hazards and is also a key component of the NSW State Emergency Management Plan (EMPLAN).

Resilience NSW has created a guideline for Local Government and Emergency Managers: Implementing Emergency Risk Management Through the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. This guideline provides information to assist councils in integrating ERM in their planning and strategies for the future.

Grants - Natural ​Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP)

New South Wales, with the largest population of all the Australian States and Territories, is exposed to significant disaster risks including severe storms, floods and bush fires.

To improve the resilience of the community of New South Wales, the State and Commonwealth Governments have established the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP). The NDRP supports a wide range of activities including research and development, disaster risk assessments, physical works and engineering measures, community education and engagement programs and projects that support emergency management volunteers.

Councils are eligible to apply for funding under the Floodplain Risk Management Grants Scheme (FRMGS), the Bush Fire Risk Management Grants Scheme (BFRMGS) and the Community Resilience Innovation Program (CRIP).

Recovery for local​​ government

Resilience NSW has a role in preparing advice to the Minister for Emergency Services in relation to Natural Disaster Declarations.

During or following a natural disaster Resilience nSW may contact affected local councils and request that they complete a Natural Disaster Assessment Form.

Resilience NSW has compiled a range of guidelines and supporting documents and other resources to assist and support local councils and agencies in planning for and responding to recovery efforts.

Resilient Australia A​wards

The Resilient Australia Awards are an Australian Government initiative sponsored by the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, in conjunction with States and Territories. They recognise innovative practices and achievements across the nation that are making our communities safer, stronger, more resilient and better prepared to manage any emergency situation.

The awards cover all aspects of building disaster resilience including: risk assessment; research; education and training; information and knowledge management; prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Publications and res​ources

A range of publications and resources to assist Local Governments in their planning for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies.

Adapt NSW website: Minimising the impacts of extreme heat: A guide for local government