​​​Emergency Risk Management

Emergency Risk Management is a systematic process of identifying, analysing, assessing, treating and mitigating risk to people, property and the environment.

The process begins with an understanding of the hazards and produces a range of treatment options to minimise the impact or, if possible, eliminate the resulting risk. In New South Wales, ERM is the process approved by the State Emergency Management Committee for assessing all hazards and is also a key component of the NSW Emergency Management Plan (EMPlan).

Local governm​ent roles in ERM

  • Convening Local Emergency Management Committees, Recovery Committees or other committees of amalgamated local governments (eg BFMCs)
  • Working with State agencies to identify and prioritise risk mitigation options
  • Undertaking an all-hazards approach to emergency risk management
  • Working with insurers to minimise disaster risk exposure
  • Integrating outcomes of risk management studies and plans into strategic land use planning and operational planning documents and policies
  • Undertaking public asset vulnerability studies and preparing risk mitigation plans
  • Providing resources and support to disaster response and recovery operations.

It is important to collaborate and leverage the resources of communities and State-level agencies and organisations through the IP&R process. Some risks may impact large areas (e.g. bushfire, flood) spanning multiple councils and communities. Risk assessment, mitigation, response and recovery activities will benefit from coordination and collaboration across these communities. Collaboration through strategic local government alliances, for example Regional Organisations of Councils is also an important avenue for developing inter-council capability and may offer efficiencies in investigating and managing risk.

More infor​mation

Implementing Emergency Risk Management Through the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework: from the guideline for Local Government and Emergency Managers

Emergency Risk Management Quick Checklist for Local Government is a range of questions that will be relevant for council to consider when developing documents required by the IP&R legislation