Community Resilienc​​​e Innovation Program 2014-15

Total $1,866,027​

Mountains Co​mmunity Resource Network Inc

Blue Mountains Community Secto​​​r Emergency Strategy - Service System Preparedness

Develop a Service System Preparedness, as part of a Community Sector Emergency Strategy, and provide a framework for agencies to articulate local community sector emergency arrangements; consolidate and enhance relationships between the community and the local emergency management sectors.

  • Blue Mountai​​ns: $110,000

Tweed Shire​​ C​​ouncil

The Aged Care Emergency ​Preparedness Project

Joint project between Tweed Shire Council and NSW SES Richmond Tweed Region to document emergency evacuation plans within aged care facilities in the Tweed Shire and investigate alternative emergency accommodation for facilities, a number of which are in flood prone zones. The project will provide a Standard Operating Procedure for replication by other Councils and localities.

  • Tweed: $14,980

Pittwater Cou​​ncil

Flood and Coastal Storm Historic Ph​otograph Exhibition and Workshops

An exhibition of historic photographs depicting the impacts of floods and coastal storms to raise awareness of northern beaches residents, and workshops to build community resilience through household emergency response plans. Coordinated by the Northern Beaches Councils with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the NSW State Emergency Service the exhibition will include local residents - pictures and an online gallery will be created for continuing education.

  • Pittwater: $25,000

NSW State Emergency Se​​​rvice

Emergency Management Traini​​ng Workshops for Diverse NSW Communities

Plan, implement and evaluate three community training workshops for indigenous, culturally and linguistic diverse, and specific communities to prepare for natural disasters. The project expands on a pilot in Moree.

  • Multiple: $140,000

Southlake Community ​​Services Inc

Activating Local Networks for Disa​​ster Preparedness and Resilience

Establish a local disaster resilience network which brings together formal and informal networks in the south Lake Macquarie area. The project will evaluate the roles and methods developed to improve coordination of local disaster resilience.

  • Lake Macquarie: $88,000

Baradine & District Progr​ess Association Inc

Baradine Emergency Stra​​tegy Techniques

Establish a blueprint for the community to work together to build disaster resilience through using local knowledge and community workshops to establish the best methods for the characteristics of the local area.

  • Barwon: $60,800

Katoomba Neighbou​rhood Centre Inc


Develop the Blue Mountains Neighbourhood Community Action Framework for Natural Disaster and Emergency Preparedness. Building on the stand alone preparedness programs delivered in the LGA since the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires, this project will develop improved tools and indicators based on the most successful components of the existing programs.

  • Blue Mountains: $88,867

The Universit​y of Sydney

Disability Inclusive D​​isaster Preparedness in NSW: Enabling Local Community Resilience through Collaboration

Increase the emergency preparedness of people with disabilities by enhancing the capacity of community service organisations and disabled people - organisations, working with emergency managers and involving people with disabilities.

  • Ryde, Epping, Lane Cove, Hawkesbury, Londonderry, Riverstone, Myall Lakes, Oxley, Port Macquarie: $321,480

Australian Red ​Cross

Working Together to Deal with a Disaster: Conferen​ces and Workshops

A conference and workshop bringing together service providers from across local government areas to provide current best practice information, structure and localised planning mechanisms for disaster recovery management as it relates to the identified LGA.

  • Bathurst, Dubbo, Murrumbidgee: $72,100

Australian Red ​​Cross​

Beyond the Emergency A​​ssembly Point

Five workshops, in partnership with Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, to increase children - services knowledge of emergency management, and resilience. Management and staff of preschools, long-day care and family day care will participate and an emergency planning tool-kit will be produced which includes planning for staff, parents and children.

  • Multiple: $141,225

Australian Red​​ Cross

Many Cultures One Community: Strengthening Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community Self Reliance in the Event of Bush or Home Fires​

Increase the emergency preparedness, response and recovery knowledge of culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the Griffith area through a joint program by Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Services, Ethnic Communities Affairs Council and service providers. The project includes training community champions to engage and educate, connecting the communities with emergency response agencies to provide volunteering opportunity and increase skills, and building capability within the agencies to work with the communities.

  • Multiple: $171,825

Fire & Resc​ue NSW

Vulnerable Communi​ties Resil​​ience Project

Vulnerable persons requiring assistance with their smoke alarms and home fire safety will be visited by 200 volunteers from FRNSW, RFS and Red Cross to install a 10 year smoke alarm and provide a fire blanket and demonstrate how to use and maintain this equipment. 
By encouraging socially isolated, frail aged people to be better informed, make a plan, have a kit and know their neighbours the project is building social connections and resilience.

  • Multiple: $92,270

Fire & Rescue ​​​NSW

Regional Home Fire Safety Visitat​ion Program

A pilot prevention and early intervention program to support zone and station commanders in the implementation of a home visitation program which will provide education, advice and intervention to local 'at risk' community groups. Station commanders will be trained in the use of Community Segmentation data which will enable them to better understand the types of people within their communities that are at greatest risk from accidental fires in the home.

  • Multiple: $164,096

Fire & Resc​ue NSW

Aboriginal Community Ho​me Fire Safety Visitation Program

FRNSW fire-fighters and Aboriginal Community Safety Volunteers will conduct a home visit program to provide education, advice and intervention to Aboriginal communities. Each home visited will have at least one working smoke alarm and fire blankets and home fire safety advice and information. he project will also facilitate the capture of information to enable FRNSW to better understand local communities.

  • Multiple: $143,068

Fire & Rescu​e NSW

Evaluation of the Hom​e Fire Safety Checks Program

A survey of vulnerable individuals visited through the Home Fire Safety Checks pilot program to assess knowledge and attitudes.

  • Multiple: $35,000

Hunter Counci​​ls Inc

Building Re​​​silience to Heatwaves in the Hunter, Central and Lower North Coast

The Heatwave Planning template (2014) for Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast will be used to improve heatwave management in the region. The project will build awareness and capacity by stakeholders who will implement and evaluate the effectiveness of actions included in the template. It will also establish a consistent heatwave communication and engagement strategy, and communication materials and templates to support this.

  • Maitland: $133,182

Illawarra Mul​​ticultural Services Inc

Fire and Flood Safety and Prevention for Refugee and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Bringing Safety Home is a series of information sessions on prevention, preparation and response to floods and fires, for refugees, newly arrived people and emerging communities. The sessions will be delivered by NSW State Emergency Service and FRNSW at Illawarra Multicultural Services.

  • Keira: $64,134