​State Emergency Management Projects - Approved projects 2014-15

Total funding: $1,916,135

University of Newcastle

Tsunami Evacuation in Estuaries and Coastal Rivers: Improved Guidelines and Attenuation Rules

Develop an evidence base to update tsunami evacuation guidelines in NSW. Project will include detailed inundation modelling of several NSW sites to develop new attenuation rules for tsunami inundation for different types of estuarine and coastal riverine environments.

  • Statewide: $164,764

NSW State Emergency Service

Pilot: Community Involvement in Emergency Planning

A pilot project to investigate and evaluate community involvement and participation strategies, and methods to include community members in emergency flood planning.

  • Statewide: $270,271

Save the Children Australia

Multi Agency Training Program: Child Focussed Psychological First Aid

A trial of six training sessions on psychological first aid and trauma responses in children for up to 150 staff and volunteers who work in the relief and recovery phase of emergencies.

  • Statewide: $21,100

Sydney Coastal Councils Group Inc

Implementing and Embedding an Emergency Management Health Check for Local Government

Enhance, implement and embed the pilot Health Check into a fully functional emergency management assessment process for local governments.

  • Statewide: $140,000

Fire & Rescue NSW

Community Fire Units Information and Communications System

Develop an information and communications system for use with volunteer Community Fire Units which will alert them of significant events in their area; provide them with information to assist operations; and allow FRNSW to monitor and report on all CFU activities in near-real time.

  • Statewide: $375,000

NSW Public Works

Floods Near Me App

Develop a software App, based on the successful Fires Near Me NSW App, with current public information to help prevent people from entering floodwaters.

  • Statewide: $325,000

NSW Ambulance

Ambulance First Responder App

Implement an App to advise Ambulance volunteer Community First Responders of emergency incidents within their communities; provide navigation through mapping to the incidents; allow input into an electronic record of treatment and transport options; and provide electronic records of emergency incidents.

  • Statewide: $100,000

NSW Rural Fire Service

Creation of a State Spatial Weather Dataset for Bush Fire Risk Analysis

Create a statewide spatial weather dataset for use in bushfire risk modelling to provide more realistic (scientifically sound) bush fire risk analysis using fire behaviour simulation software.

  • Statewide: $250,000

NSW Rural Fire Service

Post Fire Analysis of Fire, People and Property

Review of recent fires, with a focus on the Blue Mountains, to develop a time sequence reconstruction of the fire (and associated actions) and the interaction with elements of fire management across the Prevention Preparedness Response and Recovery spectrum. The results will better define the elements or actions that have the biggest impact on house survivability and post fire recovery.

  • Statewide: $270,000