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​​​Emergency Volunteer Support Scheme (EVSS)

EVSS supports projects that enhance the recruitment, retention and capability of emergency management volunteers. Priority is given to project activities such as recruitment campaigns, leadership training and developing the practical skills of volunteers.

Who can apply

  • Government and non-government agencies with a defined role in NSW Emergency Management Plans
  • Members of the Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum with emergency management responsibilities in NSW

Requests from NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW State Emergency Service local units should be made via the relevant parent agency.


NSW Rural Fire Service
Patrick Schell,
Manager Grants and Coordination programmes, 
(02) 8741 5427.

NSW State Emergency Service
Phil Schafer,
Manager Marketing and Sponsorship 
(02) 4251 6111.

Program Guide​

Office of Emergency Management - Grants Applicant Portal

Enter the grants portal and download the complete program guide

Late applications are not accepted.

An advisory panel assesses the applications and make recommendations to the Minister. The funding decision is expected to be announced in February.

National Emergency Management Volunteer Action Plan 2012 [PDF, 763KB]

Grants approved​ in previous rounds

NSW Approved Projects for the Emergency Volunteer Support Scheme 2015/17

NSW Approved Projects for the Emergency Volunteer Support Scheme 2014/15

NSW Approved Projects for the Emergency Volunteer Support Scheme 2013/14

Further assistance

If you have any enquiries please contact the Office of Emergency Management Grants Unit, on (02) 9212 9248 or via email evss@mpes.nsw.gov.au

Department of Justice 
Office of Emergency Management 
GPO Box 5434, Sydney NSW 2001