​​​2016 Resilient A​​ustralia Awards - NSW Winning Entries


winners of the awardWinner: ​​"Get Ready: A Model for ​Deaf Community Leadership"

NSW Deaf Society, NSW State Emergency Service, NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue NSW, Australian Red Cross, University of Sydney

Using Deaf Community liaison Officers trained by emergency services, this project has empowered the Deaf community to move away from the traditional model of solely relying on hearing people for information in an emergency.

winners of the awardHighly C​omm​​ended: "Beyond the Assembly Point' Children Services Workshops"

Australian​​​ R​ed Cross

This project encouraged children's services providers to challenge their preconceptions about the risks faced by children, babies and staff in an emergency and learn how to be better prepared.


winners of the awardWinner: The Hawkesbury ​Road Project

Catholic Education Commission NSW & Winmalee Rural Fire Brigade

Rural Fire​ Service volunteers and local schools worked together to develop preparedness plans

winners of the awardHighly Comme​​nded: Straw Hats, Thongs and Toothbrushes

Winmalee High School & Zeal Theatre Company​

Year 9, 10 and 11 drama students from Winmalee High School wrote and performed a play for the community about the day of, the aftermath and recovery from the Winmalee bushfires 2013.


winners of the awardGovernm​ent: Cli​mate Wise Communities Extension Project

Kur-ring-gai Co​​uncil

Kur-ring-gai Council has built upon its pioneering disaster resilience program, Climate Wise Communities, into a suite of resources that can be used by councils in any location and any hazard.

winners of the awardHighly Commended: Measuring Community Engagement

NSW State Emergency Service, NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue NSW​

Development of the first common framework for evaluating community engagement activities undertaken by emergency services agencies.

Business categ​​ory

winners of the awardWinner: Blue Mountains Bush​​fire Conference and Expo

Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise

This 2015 event brought business, communities, government and research bodies under the one roof to discuss the technology , products and services requires to build homes and landscape in a bushfire prone area.

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