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​​​​NSW Get Ready Community Award 

The NSW Get Ready Community Award recognises a local community that has worked together and taken action to strengthen their resilience to natural disasters. 

Each year NSW communities work together on a local level on how to best prepare for, respond and bounce back from natural disasters. These initiatives have demonstrated how local communities self-start and build resilience from the ground up.

The NSW Get Ready Community Award is an annual award that recognises and celebrates a NSW community that, by working together, has done exceptional work to make their community more prepared and better able to respond and recover from disasters.

The Award is open to local community groups and organisations which have positively affected the whole community with their projects and initiatives.

The winning community will receive formal recognition from the NSW Government, a trophy and their achievements will feature on NSW Government websites.

Previous winners

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Please note that project can be submitted for the Get Ready Awards and the Resilient Australia Awards, if the eligibility criteria for both has been met. For more information visit the Resilient Australia Awards page.

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NSW Get Ready Community Award 
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