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​​​2016 NSW Get Ready Community Award winner

BEST for Baradine ​​(Baradine Emergency Strategies Technique)

Baradine & District Progre​​ss Association & Warrumbungle Shire Council

A rural NSW town with an ageing population has employed a unique combination of community collaboration with Council and emergency services personnel to prepare for the hazards of the future.

The NSW town of Baradine has won the 2016 Get Ready Community Award in recognition of their emergency preparedness and resilience following a lucky escape from the Warrumbungle bushfire in 2013.

Baradine is a small tow​n of less than a thousand people in north-western NSW, about half way between Coonabarabran and Pilliga. The town's remote location and ageing population make it vulnerable in emergencies, but the 'Best for Baradine' project has approached this vulnerability head on, turning the town into a leading light in community disaster resilience.

Since the bushfire that destroyed 95% of the neighbouring Warrumbungle National Park three years ago, the Baradine community has worked hard to prepare for emergency situations and make sure they can recover if a disaster should strike.

The Baradine and District Progress Association, the Warrumbungle Shire Council, emergency services personnel and local community groups have collaborated on a range of initiatives to get their town - and their families and friends - ready.​

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