Rescue Arrange​ments in NSW

Rescue services in NSW are based on a network of 'accredited' rescue units located throughout the State. The rescue network is managed by the Board through an accreditation process. Rescue units are broadly grouped into two areas based on the environment in which they operate:

  • Land Rescue Units or
  • Maritime Rescue Units.

The Board's principles for accreditation of rescue resources within New South Wales are:

  • the threat and rescue needs of the community to be serviced are balanced to ensure that the rescue resources are matched to the rescue requirement in each area;
  • that within the Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong City areas, the accreditation of full time services units is to have priority over volunteer services; and
  • that rescue units continue to accept Police responsibility for control and coordination of rescue incidents.

Rescue​ providers in NSW

Rescue units in NSW are predominantly provided by the following organisations:

  • NSW Police Force
  • NSW Ambulance
  • Fire and Rescue NSW
  • NSW State Emergency Service
  • NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Incorporated
  • Marine Rescue NSW

Land Rescu​e Units

Accredited land rescue resources are categorised as either:

  • General Land Rescue Units
  • Specialist Rescue Units.

General La​​nd R​escue Unit

A rescue unit trained and equipped to handle a broad range of rescue tasks in their designated area of responsibility.

Specialist R​​esc​​ue Unit

A rescue unit trained and equipped for a particular task or specialised capability for example vertical, caves, confined space, diving, swift water or flood rescue operations.

Marine Rescu​e Units

Marine Rescue Units (MRU) are those units that are specifically trained, manned and equipped to carry out marine rescue operations. MRU are equipped with rescue vessels which have been accredited to respond within a specified rescue operational area, on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis.

Full do​​cuments

Documents including the State Rescue Policy, Flood Rescue Policy, the Vertical Rescue Directive, Summary of Accredited Marine and Land Rescue Unit and Mandatory Equipment Lists are available.

More information on the State Rescue documents

More information on the State Rescue Board Annual Reports