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NSW Exercises

Conducting well prepared and coordinated exercises, in addition to testing emergency plans and Standing Operating Procedures, leads to better mutual understanding and cooperation between the various components of the State's emergency management structure. Exercises are conducted at a region and state level and may be agency specific or multi-agency.

Multi-agency Emergency Management and Rescue Exercises in NSW scheduled for 2015 are available on this website.

More on the Exercise Register

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SES Home Emergency Plan - Flood, Storm or Tsunami

Households that plan for emergencies significantly reduce losses associated with disasters.

Planning now so that you know your risks and what to do if there is a flood, storm or tsunami, can save your life, the life of your family members and the lives of others including your pets. It can also minimise damage to your property and possessions.

NSW State Emergency Service - Home Emergency Plan

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Emergency Alert

The Emergency Alert telephone warning system is one of a number of ways we can warn the community of New South Wales about an emergency threat or emergency situation.

If a decision is made to issue a warning via telephone during an emergency, an Emergency Alert would be sent to landlines and mobiles within an area defined as under threat or effected by the situation.

Emergency Alert will only be used as a complement to other existing warning mechanisms such as door-knocking, broadcasts via local media outlets such as TV, radio and newspapers and public address systems.

More information on Emergency Alert

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